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Meet Soapers Extraordinaires from all over the world. We speak English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish and many other languages. We communicate and understand each other best when we talk about handmade soap: our passion, our mission, our purpose in life.

If that sounds like an exaggeration... think of how making your own non-polluting, pure, energy-efficient handmade soap can truly clean up yourself, your home, and the whole world.

Listen to what these Soapstars say.


Sapo kalinus: divagazioni su sapone, paesaggi e persone

Patrizia Garzena raccoglie interviste, divagazioni e racconti dalle "Stelle del sapone", che hanno tracciato e continuano a definire la cultura del fai-da-te sostenibile, frugale, autosuffuciente.

Castile soap: because soap is more than lye and oils

Patrizia Garzena's Soapstars stories: interviews, musings, history notes about notable soapmakers, who have designed and continue to define the culture of frugal, sustainable, self-sufficient living.

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